Frequently Asked Questions

How old should my child be before introducing them to firearms?

This is a personal decision each parent must make and it should depend on the maturity of the child.  There are some 8 year olds who are very mature and able to conduct themselves safely with a firearm.  There are some 28 year olds who should not be allowed to pour milk into cereal.  In all seriousness, there is no concrete answer to this question.  If you bring your child to me for training, I will test them to see if they are mature enough to benefit from the training I offer.

What type of firearm should I purchase?

Well, this one can go a number of different ways!  First, if someone tells you to buy a particular firearm because they have one, that is not how you decide what to buy.  There are many factors involved in choosing a firearm.  These factors should include the following: What is the purpose of the firearm? A hunting shotgun/rifle is not the same as a tactical shotgun/rifle.   A conceal carry handgun is not the same as a competition handgun.  The size of your hands determines your comfort for holding a firearm.  If your hand is too small or too large for a firearm, you will not be comfortable using the firearm, and probably will not use or carry it. So you should consider these factors along with your budget when making a decision on purchasing a firearm.