3-3-3 Personalized Training

So you do not wish to complete a certified course with the NRA or become an Instructor! You desire “Individual Training” or “Family Training”.  This is not a problem and actually works very well for some people and/or families.   Training can be geared to accommodate whatever you desire.  Although I hold certifications in many areas, I also have extensive experience with many different types of firearms in which I do not hold certifications.  I have extensive experience with “Combat Shooting” Training.  I have assisted with training multiple Police Recruits for the Oklahoma City Police Department and other agencies within Oklahoma.  I was also a member of the Oklahoma Army National Guard where I assisted with training soldiers to use many types of firearms,  Whether it is learning how to sight in a rifle, wanting me to sight in your rifle, or offering you advice in purchasing a rifle; I can assist you with this process.  You can take the last sentence and replace rifle with shotgun or pistol.   If you want to have a “One on One” Class every other week, I can develop lessons tailored to your needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Rates for “Individual Training”

$40 per hour/2 hour minimum

Rates for “Family Training”

$250 per session/4-6 hours of training for a family of 4

Rates for “Blocks of Training”

8 hours/$300

12 hours/$425

16 hours/$500

***For an additional fee, I can include the use of my firearms and ammo.  Additional Liability Release Form will be needed.


If you want to gain the confidence to carry a firearm, contact me for one on one lessons, couples lessons, or firearms safety and training for your family.