About 3-3-3 Firearms Training

3-3-3 Firearms Training L. L. C. was developed to provide citizens a program that offers a realistic approach to carrying a firearm in their everyday life.

The number one complaint I hear from citizens who have their CCW/SDA is they lack the skills to carry a firearm in their everyday life. They attended the CCW/SDA Course yet didn't actually learn how to carry, how to engage subjects, or shooting from possible positions. I encounter people everyday as a Law Enforcement Officer who show me their SDA or CCW Permit who when asked if they have it with them, state "I do not have it with me".

With my 22 years Law Enforcement Experience (CLEET Firearms Instructor 16/years) and my extensive Training with the NRA as a Certified Training Counselor and NRA Handgun/Shotgun Law Enforcement Instructor, I can provide you the tools needed for you and your family to feel confident and safe owning, carrying, and using firearms.

I offer training in the following areas: Certified Home Safety, Certified Pistol, Personal Protection Inside/Outside The Home, Certified Rifle, Certified Shotgun, Refuse To Be A Victim, Range Safety Officer and Chief Range Safety Officer along with Instructor Ratings in all of the above. "Individual" or "Family" Instruction is available. Non NRA Instruction is available and can be tailored to your specific desires and needs.

I am also part of a select group of NRA Instructors who holds an Advanced Pistol Instructor rating. This allows me to teach the NRA Defensive Pistol Module.

Firearms Training is truly my passion and I enjoy the challenge of helping students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude to enjoy the privilege of their 2nd Amendment Right.