3-3-3 Firearms Training

Statistically “Violent Gun Encounters” occur within 3 feet, within 3 seconds, and with 3 rounds.

3-3-3 Firearms Training L. L. C. was developed to provide citizens a program that offers a realistic approach to carrying a firearm in their everyday life. The number one complaint I hear from citizens who have there CCW/SDA is they lack the skills to carry a firearm in their everyday life. They attended the CCW/SDA Course yet didn’t actually learn how to carry, how to engage subjects, or shooting from possible positions. With my 22 years of Law Enforcement Experience (CLEET Firearms Instructor/16 years) and my extensive Training with the NRA as a Certified Training Counselor and NRA Handgun/Shotgun Law Enforcement Instructor, I can provide you the tools needed for you and your family to feel confident and safe owning, carrying, and using firearms.

To schedule a class contact me at 405-596-0212 or visit and contact me on FaceBook.